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Sam Brown's Letter To You
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Sam's Letter

February 2004: Sam puts pen to paper to express her delight at your wonderful response helping conjure up her sixth album's title! Just click the thumbnail image on the left to read Sam's letter in her own fair hand! The transcription is below.

(The full image is 664x741 25kb)

Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness - Aren't you all bloody marvellous - Not only have your suggestions and comments made me fall off my chair laughing, but they have also inspired me to write a few 'O' songs!!

My favourites are - 'Of The Moment', 'Over The Moon' and 'O' .... although I believe there has recently been an album called 'O' by a current artiste!

Just wanted to say thankyou ever so much... I know it sounds cheesy, but to have all of your input is a very supportive thing for me!

I am working on something for imminent release to you - And the next album is becoming overcooked in my head - Still there may be some music on its way to you all sooner than you think!!

Well - I shall keep you posted, or at least I'll keep the fantastic Daryl posted and hopefully he'll keep you all posted!

Lots of Love

Lots of Love,

Editor's note: The current artiste with an album called 'O' is Damien Rice.
Editor's blushing note: Oh, stop it! Isn't she a sweetie!

Last Updated: 24th February 2004 |
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