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Exclusive Demos Of New Songs!

Sam has given us two brand new songs which she's recorded as demos for her next album! Contrasting in style and showcasing Sam's versatile and heartfelt singing, they are yours to download and play to your heart's content!

Both songs are written and performed by Sam and are in MP3 format.

I'll be Here
2˝Mb, 2m37s
I'll Be Here is a beautiful, soft, plaintive lament, and is one of the first songs Sam wrote on the ukulele. She played it on Radio 2 with Mark Lamarr (a recording of which can be found on the homepage) and at her gigs over the last year.
Show Your Love
4Mb, 4m17s
Show Your Love is an edgy, angry, slow blues with a stunning vocal performance. You may have seen Sam performing it at her recent gigs playing just a bass guitar. And, yes, that really is what you think it is at the the start of the song!

Please remember that both these songs are demo versions, therefore they are not quite as high quality as finished Sam recordings. They have been converted into MP3 format with 128kb sampling rate (which is below CD quality) as an acceptable trade-off between the sound quality and the file size.

Live Tracks WIth Jools Holland

A few live tracks can be found for a very limited period on this BBC Norfolk webpage: Sam powers her way through Billy Blue (after a couple of minutes), I Told The Truth and Valentine Moon, plus she's backing Jools on Snowflake Boogie.

Last Updated: 29th July 2005 |
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