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Thankyou very much for your magnificent response to Sam's request to name her next album! She was so impressed with your excellent suggestions that she was moved to write you a letter!

All the entries are listed here. If you're in the dark, let me explain:
Last year a particularly observant fan (hi Klaus) spotted a remarkable co-incidence. These are Sam's five albums so far:

   1988      Stop!
   1990      April Moon
   1993   43 Minutes
   1997      Box
   2000      ReBoot

We were all amazed by this sequence, indeed some fans felt it was so unlikely that Sam must have planned it from the start. But no, the lady herself turned out to be equally amazed!

Sam has got a bunch of songs which are laying the foundations for her sixth album, and her thoughts turned to a working title for this album. Whereupon her thoughts deserted her. It's got to start with an O. She doesn't have a song starting with O. She couldn't think of anything suitable starting with O. Which is where you came in.

Sam wanted you to come up with an album title starting with O. And you sent them to us in their hundreds! They're all on this webpage and maybe, just maybe, one lucky fan has just inspired Sam's next album!

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Friday 24th October 2003
From: Daryl in Guildford

  • Ostrich
  • Ouch
  • Only Me
  • 'Ow's Yer Father
  • On Y Va

Friday 24th October 2003
From: Jon in London and Denmark

  • Odyssey
  • Odds and Ends
  • On My Own
  • Outsiders
  • Overtures
  • Oh God, not you again

Friday 24th October 2003
From: Liz McLean in Newcastle

  • Observations
  • Obstacles
  • Oi
  • On Yer Bike
  • Over The Tracks

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Ed Caramanico in Annapolis, Maryland, USA

  • Outrageous Misfortune
  • Out Of The House
  • Only My Soul
  • Observe This World
  • Occasional Clarity

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Mike Devery in Melbourne, Australia

  • Out of my mind
  • One for all
  • Overload
  • 12 O'clock (ignoring the numbers, a la 43 Minutes)
  • Occasional Acquaintances
  • Orgasm
I was going to preface the last one by saying "for Sam's amusement", but thought better of it!

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Dok from the smoky hills of Tennessee

  • Orchid Dreams
  • Orwellian Vertigo
  • One
  • Ostensibly Yours
  • Otherwise Engaged

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Murray Browne in Sydney

  • Oi
  • One Life
  • Over & Out
  • Off Limits
  • Orifice

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Les

  • Origin

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Peter Baker in Sussex

  • Oratory
There can only be one name - Anyone who went to Sam's secondary school will be furious; Oratory was the toff's school up the road which all the Langtree kids used to hate.

Saturday 25th October 2003
From: Per A J Andersson, Göteborg, Sweden

  • Oceans of Me/You/Air/Love
  • Once upon a Song/Tune/Tide/Sun/
  • Otherwise I'm Not
  • Out for Lunch
  • Over the Top
[Editor's note: Per then added a load more which, despite taking him well over the five limit, I can't resist listing]
  • Obscure Names
  • Obsessive Obstacles
  • Occasionally Me
  • OK is the Word
  • Old-fashioned? Not Me!
  • On Target
  • One too Many
  • Oops! I Did It!
  • Open Your Mind/Brain/Heart
  • Opposite Corner
  • Other Things

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Peter In Norwich

  • One candle still burning (burns) brightly.
  • One two buckle my shoe!
  • Only two more to go?
  • Oh !*@! where did I put that bass.
  • Ooops where did that come from.

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Simone van Dam in the Netherlands

  • Oops-a-daisy
  • Omnivore
  • O.H.M.S.
  • Ozone
  • On line
I can't wait for the W!!

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Mark in London

  • October
  • Orn Xb
By another staggering coincidence, all her previous album titles include the letter O, so how about an anagram of a previous title. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at anagrams. The best I can do is "October" which is almost an anagram of "ReBoot". My other effort is, well, see if you can work it out.

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Andrew in Cardiff

  • Original
  • Opportunism
  • Oh My My
I got the last one from the first words in a Google Search with the phrase "Sam Brown word beginning with O", although apparently it has been a hit for Ringo Starr.

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Laurence in Swansea

  • Once In A Lifetime
  • On & On
  • Onward & Upwards
  • Other People
  • Over You

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Jon in Coventry

  • One More Time
An excellent title for a set of cover versions, with the great Britney song as the album title. The cover could feature Sam dressed as Britney. She could then do an album of cover versions all beginning with O.

Sunday 26th October 2003
From: Stuart in Cardiff

  • Orpheus
  • Overboard
  • Open
  • Once
  • Opine
Opine = apprehend, believe, conceive, fancy, judge, suppose, presume, surmise, think. Says it all about music really!

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Steve Smith in Bexleyheath

  • Originality
  • One fine day
  • Or, if I could...
  • Opposites Attract
  • Orange
And to paraphrase Per: Out to lunch

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Shotglass Henry

  • Outside looking in
  • Over/under
  • Original intent
  • Opiate [def: anything that soothes the feelings]
  • Offline
  • "O"
  • Of the heart...
  • Order now!!!
  • On contact

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Santo in Italy

  • One Candle

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Anders Ingelström in Sweden

  • O
Then have a beautiful live picture of Sam on the cover where she's singing an "o", really putting her spirit into it.

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Klaus in Germany

  • Oh, I know this is a stupid album title, but someone made me pick it

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Jon in East Sussex

  • Once in a while
  • Odds 'n evens
  • Ophiuran (meaning "brittle star")
  • Off the beaten path
  • Odd times
  • One dozen dreams
  • Ololygmancy (meaning "fortune-telling by the howling of dogs!!")

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Paul from Moses

  • Oy, Goth: F*ck off
There's a good reason, but will Sam remember...?

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Chris van Ameyden in Mornington (near Melbourne), Australia

  • Oath
  • Opus
  • Ovation
  • On Song
  • Off The Cuff
I particularly like Opus as it is a musical term pertaining to a numbered sequence.

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Liane almost in Leeds

  • On high
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Out of turn
  • On a lighter note
  • Orange peel
Looking forward to the new album - more ukulele please!!

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Helena Jones from Milton Keynes

  • Orpheus
Maybe it's been done before and maybe it's a bit pretentious but here goes:

Orpheus was the son of Calliope and either Oeagrus or Apollo. He was the greatest musician and poet of Greek myth, whose songs could charm wild beasts and coax even rocks and trees into movement. He was one of the Argonauts, and when the Argo had to pass the island of the Sirens, it was Orpheus' music which prevented the crew from being lured to destruction. When Orpheus' wife, Eurydice, was killed by the bite of a serpent, he went down to the underworld to bring her back. His songs were so beautiful that Hades finally agreed to allow Eurydice to return to the world of the living. However, Orpheus had to meet one condition: He must not look back as he was conducting her to the surface. Just before the pair reached the upper world, Orpheus looked back, and Eurydice slipped back into the netherworld once again. Orpheus was inconsolable.

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Natalie Pugh in Telford, Shropshire

  • Opus (meaning an artistic work, especially one on a large scale)
  • Own (and then she would use up the letters O, W & N all in one go and wouldn't have to start the next albums with W & N !!)
  • Once Only (as it will probably be the only time she will name an album with the letter 'O' ?!!)
  • Outside The Storm
  • Ocean Tide

Monday 27th October 2003
From: Pete from Stotfold

  • One Candle (It may be obvious...)
  • Open Question
  • Open to Suggestion
  • Over All
  • Organ Grinder - Don't sack the monkey........
Whatever it is called, I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Clare Ellis in Cambridge

  • Obsidian
  • Obsequent River
  • Onyx
  • Oriole

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: John Slater in Sheffield

  • Once in my life
  • Out in the cold
  • Once upon a time
  • Over the moon
  • Onwards and upwards
  • Oracle

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Fiona Radway

  • Oregano
  • Overwhelm
  • Outside in
  • Onegin
  • On our own
  • Over reach
  • Offer

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Klaus (the Originator) in Germany

  • On the other side
  • Ok, I'll do it
  • Odd songs
  • Or maybe
  • Oh
  • Honest (counting what we hear, not what we read)

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Steven C. Gilbert in South London and West Scotland

  • Octopus
  • Outspoken
  • Optical Illusion
  • Optimistic
  • Omnipresent
Here are some late extras...
  • Obnoxious
  • Overcast
  • Oblivious
  • Opaque
  • Onions
If it ups the chance of any being picked for the title then I have lyrics for some of them, just need some music.

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Angela Davie in Gloucester

  • Ode to Life
  • Ode to Love
  • Of Greater Things (which is what Sam's made of!)
  • Of All the Things
  • Over To You

Tuesday 28th October 2003
From: Mark Faulkner in London

  • O.S.T.
  • Object of Desire
  • Odds & Sods
  • Of the Moment
  • Oneself

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Gil Robinson in Brisbane, Australia

  • [The] One And Only...
  • Outer Limits
  • Out Of Bounds
  • On Top Of The World
  • Outer Space Girl

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Tim Gilchrist in Saratoga, Australia

  • Odyssey

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Carol in Brisbane, Australia

  • Oh Dear!

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Maurice Parry in Brighton

  • It's got to start with a xxxxxx 'O'
  • Oh!

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Martin in Coventry

  • One Candle

Wednesday 29th October 2003
From: Robert Kavanagh in Los Angeles (originally Dublin)

  • Overdrive
  • Oeuvre
  • Onymous (bearing the author's name - opposite of "anonymous")
  • Oblique
  • Orthology (the correct use of words - kind of appropriate in this case!)
Or, I'm really quite partial to the simple elegance of "O".
[Editor's note: Or possibly even Oeuvredrive! (Just me then...)]

Thursday 30th October 2003
From: Michelle in West Sussex

  • Opus
Let's get pretentious!!!

Thursday 30th October 2003
From: Dave in Coventry

  • O
Nice and simple

Friday 31st October 2003
From: Antonio in Rome

  • Ossimoro (English: Oxymoron)
  • Obelisco (English: Obelisk)
  • Odalisca (English: Odalisque [Editor's note: Yes I had to look it up too])
  • Ohibň (English: Cripes)
  • Operetta (English: Operetta)
Give the album an Italian name as a seed of hope to hearing this lovely voice conquering the Mediterranean lands too. Or just have the remainder of Sam's name starting at the sixth letter:
  • Own
Scramble it and you'll get Sam's next two album names:
  • 7th: Won
  • 8th: Now

Friday 31st October 2003
From: Rodney Davis in Southampton

  • October Skies
  • Once Heard...
  • Oui!
  • Overcome, By Passion
  • On The Gantry, To The Brook (REF to Gigs in Southampton)

Sunday 2nd November 2003
From: Mark in London

  • One
  • Over-Covered
  • Overt
  • Ontario
  • Oops
  • Out Of My Head
  • Ogle
  • 006
  • O

Sunday 2nd November 2003
From: Jon Wilkins in Neath

  • Octave
  • Odyssey
  • Omnipotent!
  • Onward and Upward
  • Orgasmic.....Again!
  • Onager (meaning wild ass [yes, that's ass])
  • Onanism

Sunday 2nd November 2003
From: Phil in Manchester/Newcastle

  • Oranges And Lemons
  • Organone
  • Orang-utan
  • Out To Lunch
  • Opus VI
Please don't give that song that you play on the ukelele in concert to Jools - you should keep it for yourself: it's beautiful.

Monday 3rd November 2003
From: Eunice in Putten, Holland

  • On The Running Board
  • Original Sin
  • Ornaments and Baubles
  • OK!
  • Obscured By Clowns
The reasons being, respectively:
  1. Remembering that story she told Mark Lamarr about her uncle's car
  2. Album cover Sam in black with a python round her neck - perhaps not!
  3. A Handbags and Gladrags type track
  4. Because she is
  5. Because she is!!!
Of the other ideas I really like Online (nice follow up to Reboot), I'd also go with One Candle and the Italian Ohibó. Paul from Moses suggestion was VERY Sam but I doubt if Radio 2 would ever play it :o)

Monday 3rd November 2003
From: Andrea in Chile a little country of America

  • Oxygen Songs
  • Optical World
  • One Bloody Letter
  • Out For To...
  • Open Secrets
  • Outshine
  • Occasional Coincidence
  • Only Too Charming Sounds
I think it is fantastic that talented Sam Brown would like her fans to suggest a title for her next album. Is an honour for me!

Tuesday 4th November 2003
From: Steve Thorpe in Lightwater, Surrey

  • One Step Ahead
  • On The Way To Something Better
  • Out Of My Mind
  • Open Sky
  • One In A Million
Can't wait for the new album! Go Sam Go!!

Tuesday 4th November 2003
From: Alex Taylor in Tonbridge

  • Orbit
  • Oblivious!
  • Offering
  • On appointment
  • On schedule

Wednesday 5th November 2003
From: JCE in the UK

  • Of Things To Come
  • Ordinary Day
  • Outer Self
  • Offside Outside
  • Order Order!

Wednesday 5th November 2003
From: Juan in Argentina

  • Outstanding Melodies
  • Ought to be Yours
  • Originally Sam
  • Outspoken
  • Overdress in Brown

Wednesday 5th November 2003
From: Christine Griffin in Sydney, Australia

  • Oceans Away (Because Sam, is that far from away her down under fans)
  • Over The Moonshine
  • Often It's Over
  • Orderly People
  • On The Outside
  • Over

Thursday 6th November 2003
From: María Cecilia Barale in Quilmes, Argentina

  • Obtuse Emotion
  • Overthrowing Borders
  • Out of Place
  • Off Track
  • Opening Night
  • Once upon a Dream

Thursday 6th November 2003
From: Marla Kendal in Poughkeepsie, New York

  • One To Remember
  • Only Forever
  • Overflow And Undertow
  • Onˇoˇmatˇoˇpoeˇia
  • O Oh Oho

Friday 7th November 2003
From: Angela

  • Or in the heart...
  • Once he kissed me
  • Or were I deaf
  • One fairer
  • Of things long since
Keep singing beautiful bird. Peace.

Friday 7th November 2003
From: Richard Laznik in Woy Woy, Australia

  • Organ Grinder
  • Organza
  • Out For The Day
  • Only...
And I really like the suggestions 'Ow's Yer Father and On Yer Bike.

Friday 7th November 2003
From: Alan Parrott in Buckinghamshire

  • Over the top
  • On my own (again)
  • Open your eyes
But best of all has GOT to be:
  • One more minute...... because Sam sings wonderful sad songs about leaving, loving, wanting someone that can't be had, the eternal line of (just or please let me have) One more minute with you...
Now send me Sam in a plain brown envelope as a prize....

Sunday 9th November 2003
From: Allan Fowler in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

  • Ordinary Angel
  • Otherwise
  • Occupational Therapy
  • On Top
  • Optimisation
Basically whatever the title of the album the content will be magical. Thank you for bringing some quality to the current musical desert we have to suffer.

Monday 10th November 2003
From: Claire Osler in Toddington, Bedfordshire

  • Outta my Head
  • One for the Road
  • Ours for an Hour (actually 45 mins if you're lucky!)

Tuesday 11th November 2003
From: Jen Holt in Brighouse, West Yorkshire

  • Open to suggestion
  • On my way
  • One voice
  • Oblivious to reason
  • One point of view

Tuesday 11th November 2003
From: Simon in Newport

  • Overcoat (suit an introspective album?)
  • Out of Mind (suggesting directness, plus a snipe at the media's lack of coverage)
  • Occidental (suitable if the album comments on recent world affairs?)
  • Overwritten (both a hazard of perfecting a song, and its ephemeral nature)
  • Onion (as in many layered - cliche?)

Tuesday 11th November 2003
From: Faye in Milton Keynes

  • Organised chaos
  • Origin unknown
  • Our parents (they're married you know)
  • One for the road
  • One Candle

Thursday 13th November 2003
From: Hamish Campbell in New Zealand and Japan

  • Out
  • One for all
  • Open minded
  • October Sun
  • Oneself
Will be looking forward to the new album whatever it ends up being.

Monday 17th November 2003
From: Dave Walshaw

  • Onomatopoeia

Monday 17th November 2003
From: Matt in Manchester

  • Origination
  • Online
  • Oddballs
  • Oojamaflip
  • Obligations
  • On Another Note ....

Monday 17th November 2003
From: Dylan Taplin in Walthamstow E17

  • Overwhelmed
  • Out of touch
  • Oneself
  • On Your Own
  • Offensive Poetry

Monday 17th November 2003
From: Ken Jude in Welwyn Garden City

  • One Night In (Insert Venue/Town)
Title of the live album we'd all like for Christmas, then the next studio album can begin with W :-).

Tuesday 18th November 2003
From: Gary Lynch in Matlock (now) St. Helens (originally)

  • Once Upon A Time....and other lies
  • One Day
  • Oratory
  • Only Because
  • O My Faithful
Reasons (respectively) :
  • Perfect for all the lovely new tunes about relationships splitting up and how great life isn't generally - I'm thinking about "Satellite" and "Fuck Standing Still" to name but two! Could be a bit cynical, so maybe just "Once Upon A Time" in the vein of an album with lots of stories to tell?
  • Following on from 43 Minutes' theme, could shape the album into a description of a day in the life of.... or each song could describe a day in the life of.... (I'm clutching at straws here because I like the Once Upon A Time theme!)
  • Speaks for itself, literally!
  • A twist on why people do the things they do for each other - good or bad - that has nothing to do with love, loyalty etc. but is actually down to mere chance. Good song title too!
  • An album for the fans!!

Sunday 23rd November 2003
From: Yannis in Lyon, France

  • Obviously
  • Out of Control
Thank you (again), Sam, for your voice, your music and all these feelings... we share.

Monday 24th November 2003
From: steve dAvis

  • On-time
  • Out-burst
  • Over-tones
  • Other-wise...
  • Open-Heart-Oasis

Monday 24th November 2003
From: Arjan in Utrecht, Holland

  • Obstinate
  • Oker

Monday 24th November 2003
From: Michael Reilly in Adelaide, Australia

  • outside myself
  • ornate simplicity
  • operation: life
  • outnumbered
  • open your heart

Monday 24th November 2003
From: Stephen Kirk

  • Open cuts
  • Outside in
  • Opal sea
  • Owns m bra (anagram)

Monday 24th November 2003
From: Jon Wild in Kansas (Land of Oz) USA

  • On the Edge
  • Objects of Desire
  • Oblivion Blues
  • Off the Record
  • On a Roll
  • Out of the Ordinary
  • Outward Bound
  • Overshadowed

Saturday 29th November 2003
From: Colin Gilmore in Shoeburyness, Essex

  • Overture to Finale
  • Often Heard
  • Once Heard, Never Forgotten
  • Of Mice and Me
  • A complete work of music from a complete talent, which Sam is.
  • I am sure the album will be, whatever it is called.
  • I am sure the album will be, whatever it is called.
  • John Steinbeck wouldn't mind, surely! A great book and, undoubtedly a great album to come.

Tuesday 2nd December 2003
From: John Chappell in the USA

  • Over the Sea
As a brand new American fan, I saw Sam on Concert for George, I think she could name her new album this.

Tuesday 2nd December 2003
From: Mark in Manchester

  • Often Wonder
  • October Dream
  • Obscure Emotion
  • Origami Heart
  • Oblong

Friday 12th December 2003
From: David Pemberton in Singleton, NSW, Australia

  • Oh brother, look at me now
I lost touch with what Sam has been up to after 1997 after THE BOX. Glad she's still around, still making good music.

Sunday 14th December 2003
From: Jimmy Giant in Siberacuse, NY USA

  • Orgasmatron
  • Outside In
  • Oh Yeah!
  • Over the Rainbow
  • One

Sunday 14th December 2003
From: Roger in Grimsby

  • One Voice
  • Only Echoes
  • Out There
  • Owt for Nowt
  • Out of Time
Having seen Sam in concert in Nottingham (with some support from Jools) I'm now a dedicated fan

Sunday 14th December 2003
From: Dean Prescott Bend in Oregon USA

  • On a Limb

Wednesday 17th December 2003
From: Nicholas Ramm in Thornton, Lancs
Mem no: 2000/0044

  • Only Kindness Will Win My Heart
  1. Victorian Lullaby
  2. Always The Same
  3. Trust Me If You Dare
  4. Scruff Pot
  5. Sensible One
  6. Tiny, But Still Amazing
  7. Sometimes
  8. I Fell Down And I Couldn't Get Up
  9. Lovely Times
  10. Sit Down Now
  11. Offer Yourself
  12. Twice I Told You So!
I may be a little ambitious giving song titles as well, but sometimes the daring win... Sam Brown's music shall be enjoyed by her many fans, most of all me! Forever!

Saturday 20th December 2003
From: Klaus Bergmaier in Austria!
Website: and

  • O
  • On
  • Oh so very much!
  • Oligarches
  • Onwards
I'd like to add that I've been looking for a used copy of 43 Minutes for many years now. Thanks for re-releasing it, so that I can complete my collection!
The best from Austria and please release the O-album soon

Wednesday 24th December 2003
From: Bruce Wescott in Lebanon, ME, USA

  • Out Of The Box (as in genius, beyond the norm, etc.)

Monday 29th December 2003
From: Bob Fried in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Old School
I never heard of Sam Brown until I watched the Harrison tribute on DVD the other night. She was sensational.

Tuesday 30th December 2003
From: Gerd in Krugersdorp, South Africa (originally Germany)

  • Oh La La (why not? - in case it hasn't been officially proposed yet)
  • On Fire (figuratively speaking only, I hope - this is the one I really would like to see! - "powerful music inside")
  • October 7 (when Sam turns Four-Oh, but I could understand it if you didn't want to wait that long ...)
  • O-O-O-O (here are the four big Ohs - see if you can get a tour sponsered by Audi ;-) - in ten years time you can reuse this idea with the IOC...)
  • Oxygen-enriched (supposed to hint at some really powerful music ...)

Tuesday 30th December 2003
From: Rolf from Chur, Switzerland

  • On With Love
  • On The Sixth Day
  • Once There Was Peace
  • One Day, One Life
  • Off The Track

Tuesday 30th December 2003
From: Ewan Currie in Glasgow

  • Over but not out
  • Ova
  • Oddment
  • Ornery
  • Ocho
Thanks to Sam for some brilliant music. Thanks for the originality and Sentiment.

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: Geoff and Sue in Bromley, Kent

  • Oral Six

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: Karen Metcalfe and kids in Daventry, Northants

  • Opus
  • Oddly Enough
  • Opal Fruits....Not Starburst!
  • Ours For The Taking
  • On this Day....
I've been a big fan of the delectable Sam for a few years now and have managed to collect all her CDs. Sadly, I haven't been able to get to as many gigs as I'd like but the ones I have seen stay forever in my mind.

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: Chris de France in Camden on the Ouachita

  • Oh Sam

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: John Rainbird in Waltham Abbey, Essex

  • Ornament

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: René Aagaard in Denmark

  • Oh, Lord!
  • Onomatopoetic Songs
  • Own This!
  • Opus 6
  • Optical Illusions

Wednesday 31st December 2003
From: Nadia in Reading, Berks

  • Outside The Inside
  • On The Right Track
  • Out Of Bounds
  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  • On The Way
  • Outreach
  • Offerings
  • Of The Girl
  • Out Of The Dark
  • Open Book
  • Outward Thinking
  • Oracle
  • Occasionally Yours
  • Only Because I Have To
  • On My Cloud
  • Once Bitten
  • Out Of Time
  • On This Note
  • Ours
  • Open Your Eyes

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