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September 2010:
- Himalayan Trek
- Updating


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Welcome to One Candle, the offical home of the Sam Brown fan club and information service.
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Sam's Himalayan Trek

In October 2010 Sam will be donning a serious pair of walking boots and leaving the comfort of home life for a charity fundraising trek through the Himalayan foothills.

Sam will be fulfilling a long-held ambition by participating in the Teenage Cancer Trust Sikkim Trek in an Indian Buddhist protectorate between eastern Nepal and Bhutan. Over seven days they'll be climbing to a height of 4800m, similar to Mont Blanc, and will be within sight of the five peaks of Kangchenjunga, the world's third highest moutain.

If you'd consider sponsoring her, Sam would be ever so grateful: Just head over to her sponsorship webpage, read her new blog and even leave her a little message. Sam has long supported the Teenage Cancer Trust (who fund and build specialist cancer units for young people in British hospitals) and has performed at several of their annual fundraising concerts at the Albert Hall.

Of The Moment

Sam's Sixth Album - Get It Here

Sam's sixth album Of The Moment arrived in September 2007 and is available to buy on Sam's own Pod label. It was seven short blink-and-you'll-miss-'em years since ReBoot and Sam yet again found something new and exciting with which to surprise and delight us. We're especially proud that the title was inspired by you!

A wonderfully relaxed and intimate feel, a certain mellowness with more strident emotions waxing and waning smoothly through the album. Captivating singing with scrumptious layered backing vocals and imaginative instrumentation, Sam sounds glorious, passionate and tender.

It is available from Sam's Fabulous Ukulele Club and you can listen to some of the tracks on Sam's MySpace page.

Short Stories

Homespun's Third Album

Homespun's last album Short Stories From East Yorkshire was released in the UK on 11th February 2008, their third and final tender collection of poignant, acoustic songs by Dave Rotheray (from The Beautiful South) delicately sung by Sam with charm and restrained passion. There are also excellent guest vocals from Mary Coughlan and Eleanor McEvoy.

You can sample a few tracks from all their albums on Homespun's MySpace page.

Ukulele And Voice

Ukulele And Voice E.P.

The Ukulele And Voice E.P. is a refined and intimate personal journey with Sam, stripped down to the powerful simplicity of her remarkable voice and expressive ukulele. Five intense songs, plaintive and melancholy, vulnerable and exposed, joyful and exuberant.

All written by Sam; "Kiss Of Love" co-written with Jools Holland and contrasting remarkably with the grandly orchestrated Nick Cave duet; "Void" co-written with Dave Rotheray from Homespun and The Beautiful South. Plus "Over The Moon" inspired by your magnificent response to Sam's plea for a sixth album title!

Released on Sam's own label Pod Music on 17th October 2005, Ukulele And Voice can be bought direct from Sam's Fabulous Ukulele Club.

Bagsy this piano

Sam's Operation

A couple of years back Sam encountered increasing vocal difficulties which led to the discovery of a cyst on one of her vocal chords. After an operation she has been through a long recovery period and has taken the opportunity to be a full time mum. She is really touched by your kind messages of support.

The Very Best Of Sam Brown

The Very Best Of Sam Brown

Available in all good British record shops is The Very Best Of Sam Brown, eighteen songs selected by Sam spanning her career and demonstrating her remarkable ability, versatility and variety. It was released on 20th March 2006 on Warner's Radar label in the UK only.

Nice outfit! Wouldn't recommend wearing the shoes down the shops. Click the picture for a better look.

43 Minutes (detail)

43 Minutes Re-Released And In The Shops

Sam's much-loved, much-requested and long-unavailable re-released third album 43 Minutes has been available in Britain's major record shops since 25th October 2004 and can also be bought direct from Sam's Fabulous Ukulele Club.

43 Minutes was originally released fourteen years ago: It's Sam's most personal, introspective and heartfelt album, including many fine and touching songs, such as the rather special One Candle itself.

Stop! History

Read an exclusive article about the writing, recording and success of Sam's best-known and much-loved song Stop!

Shiny smile

Other Highlights...

  • Sam's backing vocals grace her dad Joe Brown's last few albums which also feature Pete Brown, Richard Newman and Herbie Flowers.
  • You can still watch the sumptious video featuring Sam dressing up in several extravagant costumes and duetting on Chris Field's single Make It Tonight on Chris's website.
  • Two exclusive demos given to us by Sam in 2005 are still available on our Sounds page, contrasting in style and showcasing Sam's versatile, heartfelt singing.

Sam Writes You A Letter!

Sam was so impressed with your suggestions for her sixth album's title that she was moved to write you a letter! She was having a spot of bother coming up with a title for her next album which she hopes to record this year. So she asked us if you could help her out! Y'see, it's got to start with an O...

Go to our special Name Sam's Next Album page and have a look through all the suggestions!

Singing With Hats

Concert For George

The George Harrison tribute concert film Concert for George featuring Sam was released on DVD in November 2003 with all proceeds going to George's Material World Charitable Foundation. It's a fabulous film and Sam sings a magnificent, bouncy Horse To Water and later joins the backing singers for My Sweet Lord. More details can be found on the Concert For George website. Concert For George

Concert for George was filmed in 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall's George Harrison tribute concert. Directed by David Leland, the concert features Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Dahni Harrison, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Joe Brown, several Monty Pythons, Jools Holland and of course Sam Brown amongst others. There's also a CD of the concert but unfortunately Sam's wonderful contribution isn't included.

Sam has contributed to the impressive, wallet-lightening, luxury, limited-edition commemorative book from acclaimed publishers Genesis.

Ten lucky Sam fans won pairs of tickets for the UK cinema premiere in London on 8th October 2003 in our special prize draw giveaway! It was a great night out with most of the stars of the film attending!


Last Album: ReBoot

Sam's fifth album "ReBoot" used to be available on Mudhut record but their website seems to have vanished.

It was released in the UK on the 25th September 2000 and it's a wonderful album: Distinctly Sam, diverse and very original, with plenty of nice surprises, contemporary production, faultless musicianship and of course Sam's remarkable voice as expressive as ever. We think that it ranks alongside Sam's best ever work. You should be able to find it on Amazon and eBay.

You can find Sam giving us a guided tour through ReBoot in her own words in the second half of the Biography section.

Why One Candle?

One Candle is a beautiful and touching song, can be found on Sam's third album "43 Minutes" and is a firm favourite of many a Sam fan.

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