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Recent Updates

January 2023:
- New Album - Number 8


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Number 8

Sam's New Album Number 8 Released on 20 January

Well, this is exciting. Sam has taken a deep breath and is bringing us her first new songs in fifteen (count 'em) years. Number 8 is released worldwide on 20 January in real shops, virtual shops and (probably) your favourite streaming services.

Sam has literally rediscovered her voice to deliver a powerful collection of twelve songs including the striking lead single Doll. When Sam encountered problems with her singing voice in the late 2000's, she saw little appeal in making her own new music and turned her attention to teaching ukulele and running a string (!) of ukulele clubs. Over the last year she has found renewed inspiration to write and record new music, using a little bit of technoligical magic to complete the vocals just the way she wants to.

Not only that, but Sam has finally completed a remarkable thirty five year odyssey of album titles spelling S.A.M.B.R.O.W.N - the first five were entirely co-incidental, but she was determined to complete the sequence once we all realised the astonishing reality.

If you'd like a good old fashioned real shiny disc to look at and play then the best place to buy it is Sam's own website shop - not only does all your money go directly to the artist, but you can also ask Sam to sign it for you - just add it into the order notes on the checkout page.

You can read Sam explaining how she has returned to recording in a decent interview in MNPR Magazine and a more in-depth examination of the years since her voice problems emerged in a long interview in Music Republic.

Here is the rather stirring press release for Number 8:

For many artists, making an album after a long hiatus is a case of 'finding their voice again'. However, for Sam Brown, this was literally the case. In 2007 Sam experienced problems with her voice to the point that she had to leave behind a glittering career that had seen her score global hits such as the iconic 'Stop', make six studio albums and tour the world with Pink Floyd and Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

Fifteen years later, Sam returns with a new album called 'Number 8'. Utilising voice manipulation technology to release her creative spirit, the 12 songs are a courageous and vulnerable new collection. Though much has changed, Sam's musical voice is so much more than her vocal ability. Woven into the production are lyrics that simmer with empathy, dignity and determination. Set against a pulsating electronic backdrop, these are songs that come from a personal story of adjustment in the face loss, ready to resonate with many who have experienced similar things. Those acquainted with Sam's impressive back-catalogue as a singer, writer and backing vocalist (George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Jools Holland, Spandau Ballet, Eric Clapton, Jon Lord, Deep Purple, and many more), will find a familiar musicality alongside a production that is virgin territory for her song-writing. Written with long-time friend Danny Schogger and mixed with her brother Pete Brown, Number 8 bursts on the ear with a vigour and candour that is arresting and will excite listeners should they be aware of her legendary career or not.

Number 8 goes to show that despite the difficulties life can throw at us, great things can still happen with an attitude of ingenuity. Sam Brown's creative legacy is all the stronger for making a record despite circumstances she could not control or change. And that's a lesson for us all to be lifted by.

Shiny smile

Other Highlights...

  • Read an exclusive article about the writing, recording and success of Sam's best-known and much-loved song Stop!
  • Two exclusive demos given to us by Sam in 2005 are still available on our Sounds page, contrasting in style and showcasing Sam's versatile, heartfelt singing.

Why One Candle?

One Candle is a beautiful and touching song, can be found on Sam's third album "43 Minutes" and is a firm favourite of many a Sam fan.

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