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If you would like to email One Candle with any queries or submit something Sam-related for publication, please email (Note: Remove "SAMnotSPAM" from the email address. [Why? See below])

If you would like to write to Sam or the fan club, please write enclosing a stamped addressed envelope (or I.M.O. for overseas) to:


One Candle - The Sam Brown Fan Club
PO Box 376
TW11 9WZ
Great Britain

Note: Our postal address changed in August 2004

A Few Words About Emails

We endeavour to answer every email. However recently a small number of email systems occasionally refuse to deliver our emails to you. Especially some AOL and Hotmail subscribers. Usually we're politely informed that we've been rejected, but very occasionally we're not even granted that courtesy. Boo and indeed hiss.

So if you've emailed us and haven't had a reply, please please please try again using a different email account. Chances are we've tried in vain to reply several times in several different ways. That applies especially to you, Garyneebo and Danpamtom73...!

A Few Words About Spam

We don't send spam. However there's a worrying trend of spammers sending emails pretending to be sent from any old email addresses they can find, such as those lying about on websites. Like this one. To counter this we've introduced the simple but ugly ploy of inserting the phrase SAMnotSPAM into our email addresses listed on the website. Sorry. You should just remove this phrase and our email address will then be correct.

A Few Words About Viruses

Do you think we sent you a virus or a worm? We didn't, we're fully virus-proofed here. However recent viruses and worms have a nasty habit of pretending to be sent from email addresses they found on the internet. Like ours. I can assure you that it wasn't us - they're spoofing our address and tarnishing our reputation. Horrid.


One Candle is written by Daryl Kayes

With expert guidance, support and friendly badgering from robl.

One Candle's Discography is written by Mike Devery (Note: Remove "SAMnotSPAM" from the email address. [Why? See above])

One Candle is designed to be viewed in any web browser on any computer platform, to look clean and simple, and to load quickly. And should you really want to know, it's edited using vi. Well, vim actually, but rather sadly I still like to think it's vi.

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