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UK & Australian cover

Japanese cover

UK promo label

    MC UK Demon FIENDCASS-789, 1997
    CD UK Demon FIENDCD-789, 1 April 1997
    CD UK promo Demon FIENCD-789, 1997 (custom CD label)
    CD AUSTRALIA Demon/Shock FIENDCD-789, 1997
    CD JAPAN Crown/Loudwoof LRCL-4023, 1997 (* with bonus track), 21 August 1997
    Produced by Pete Brown and Sam Brown
1. Box 3:03 (S. Brown)
2. Ebb And Flow 3:46 (S. Brown)
3. Whisper 4:45 (S. Brown)
4. I Forgive You 5:32 (S. Brown, M. McKee)
5. They're The Ones 4:52 (S. Brown, P. Brown)
6. Liberty In Reality 3:44 (S. Brown, P. Brown)
7. Embrace The Darkness 4:48 (S. Brown)
8. T.O.E.S.(The Obligatory Earth Song) 4:29 (S. Brown)
9. Intuition 4:55 (S. Brown, P. Brown)
10. As The Crow Flies (S. Brown, D. Schogger)
11. What's The Use? 2:46 (S. Brown, P. Brown, B. Godfrey)
12. Bert And Flo 2:03 (S. Brown)
*13. You're My World 3:05 (on Japanese pressing only).

    CD UK Demon D2002CD, 17 March 1997
1. I Forgive You [edit] 3:47 (S. Brown, M. McKee)
2. You're My World 3:05 (C. Sigman, G. Paoli, U. Bindi)
3. Bring On The Day 4:41 (S. Brown)
4. I Forgive You (album version) 5:32 (S. Brown, M. McKee).

    CD UK promo only Demon D2003CD, 1997
1. Whisper [edit] (S. Brown) 3:43
2. Sweet Mother 3:10 (written by Claire Nicolson)
3. Go Leave 2:36 (written by Kate McGarrigle).

    CD UK promo sampler Demon SAM-1, 1997
1. Box
2. I Forgive You.

    CD JAPAN promo sampler Crown/Loudwoof X-60, 1997
1. What's The Use?
2. They're The Ones
3. I Forgive You
4. Liberty In Reality
5. T.O.E.S.
6. Intuition.