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Sam Brown Discography:
43 Minutes
As One Candle
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UK & Australian cover

Dutch & German cover

    MC UK Pod Music Ltd. POD MC-1, 1993 (possibly promo only)
    MC AUSTRALIA Pod Music Ltd./Festival C-30959, 1993
    CD UK Pod Music Ltd. POD CD-1, 1993
    CD AUSTRALIA Pod Music Ltd./Festival D-30959, 1993
    CD NETHERLANDS Pod Music Ltd./All At Once Records AAO-93172, 1993
    CD GERMANY ?? ??, 1993
    Produced by Pete Brown
1. Come Into My World 3:47 (S. Brown)
2. Into The Night 3:24 (S. Brown)
3. In The Rain 2:08 (S. Brown)
4. Fear Of Life 5:12 (S. Brown)
5. The Morning Song 2:49 (S. Brown)
6. You Are The World 5:38 (S. Brown)
7. See This Evil 4:08 (S. Brown)
8. Your Time Is Your Own 4:32 (S. Brown)
9. One Candle 3:20 (S. Brown)
10. Letting Go 4:24 (S. Brown)
11. Sleep Like A Baby 3:38 (S. Brown).

UK & Australian cover

Dutch cover

    CS AUSTRALIA Pod Music Ltd./Festival C-11432, 1993
    CD UK Pod Music Ltd. CD POD-100, 1993
    CD AUSTRALIA Pod Music Ltd./Festival D-11432, 1993
    CD NETHERLANDS All At Once AAO-093125, 1993
    [1] Produced by Pete Brown; [2,3,4] Produced by Sam Brown and Robin Wynn Evans
1. Fear Of Life [edit] 4:26 (S. Brown)
2. The Tune With No Name No. 3 2:48 (S. Brown)
3. Rage 3:36 (S. Brown)
4. The Tune With No Name No. 4 3:27 (S. Brown).