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Hi, I'm Troy McClure.  Any similarity with any existing cartoon character is entirely coincidental (approved: Lionel Hutz) Hi, welcome to Daryl's website. I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such websites as When Spam Attacks! dot com and Matt Groening Is Responsible For The Decline Of Western Society dot net.

Have you ever wanted your very own website? My good friend and buddy Daryl Kayes did, and just a few short years later, here it is! Some people may say that Daryl doesn't have many original ideas, but I say if you've had a good idea, why not make the most of it! And as you can see by his website, ideas are not something he finds in abundance.

So give the guy a break and have a quick look around. In the unlikely event that you feel compelled to get in touch with him, you can send an email to daryl@onecandle.co.uk

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